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and the best music award goes to… what did you say?? by a21
23/02/2010, 01:33
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The turkish ministry of public works held a contest for the first movies of film directors. Apparently they gave a lot of thought for the awards. The award for the “best music” was given to “İki Dil Bir Bavul” who tells the story of a teacher in a village who tries to teach a class full of kurdish speaking students with no knowledge of turkish. The movie who received a lot of awards from many other festivals is also critically very well acclaimed. Though, sadly, it contains no music. The turkish press said: “They made the impossible. Received an award of “best music” with a movie with no music at all”. When they received the award, the producers were shocked to hear that the award was for the music. It is argued on what basis, the jury gave such an award. I think it is clear that they didn’t even see the movie. Apparently their criteria is how good the critics are or arguably we can say that this “pleasant” but “fake” award is given to say that “the government is very friendly against the kurdish”. A point to discuss, but i’ll leave it at that… The only thing to do is to congratulate the directors for their “awkward” award.


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