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Early Summer in İstanbul. Will it be hotter this time? by bayripley
09/04/2010, 00:41
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Every year, months of May and June compose an exciting ouverture for summer in Istanbul. L’été stambouloite is usually dull during the day, and tuneful at night: The open-air concerts of Turkey’s and the World’s best musicians are a swell tradition that the soft climate enables us to have for years. They used to be concentrated around the open-air concert halls, counterfeits of Ancient Greeks’ amphitheaters as the heritage of the Greek civilization. Past years have proved Turkey’s economic potential, Turkish youth’s yearn for globalized fun, and a secure environment for the artists (remember those days U2 rejecting concerts because of human rights violations or Michael Jackson (RIP) cancelling because of the terrorist acts of PKK?). Therefore new concert venues have been built or created such as Hazerfen Concert Venue or Kuruçeşme Turkcell Arena just for such occasions. –I opt out the Stadiums, since I accept them as usual areas–  Now, there we have multiple organizations where famous artists entertain les stambouloits every summer.

This year the Istanbul summer promises great potential for quality music and alcoholic fun, mostly in May and June.  Before always-trendy but mostly-expensive Babylon moves to its magnificent Alaçatı branch, it is going to host Nouvelle Vague. NV is now used to coming to Turkey, just like Pink Martini. They are a common expectation; don’t miss it if you had before. But don’t worry if you can’t make it, they will probably be back again. The dates are May 18 and 19. Other worthy possibilities of inhaling Babylon à la Istanbul are Redd Softcore on May 8 and Hüsnü Şenlendirici & Trio Chios on May 12.

Another cluster of exciting moments in Early Summer will definitely be at the end of June: Efes Pilsen One Love Festival 9. This festival does not only host the most popular global artists but usually the most entertaining ones! This year, Groove Armada and The Ting Tings are on duty. Pick up your alcoholic spirit and come to santralistanbul for a nice farewell to college exams.

Well, things get pretty personal now. The best concert venue ever, with its magnificent Bosporus view and friendly environment, Galatasaray University Ortaköy Campus will host the leaders of the pop music for the most snob, crème de la crème, and largest French-speaking –ha ha- community of Turkey.   Yalın and his melancholy, Kenan Doğulu and his legendary stage performance, Nil and her classless cuteness, Teoman and his alcohol problem, The Revolters and their punk, Buzuki Orhan and its rich music will be present to entertain us, and you. The bigger hit of the festival is definetly Jay Jay Johanson who will be enchanting us and enchanted by Istanbul at the same time. The GSU Festival is going to be the entertainment center of Istanbul between May 14-16. Don’t miss it if you want to grab a bit of Galatasaray attitude.

Let’s not forget the big events of May and June such as Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton, and other entertaining options in spring festivals of some universities and high schools.

All these events will heat the weather up more than summer itself and the global warming phenomenon. A wonderful Early Summer is being prepared by a group of people, and I hope nothing will ever be on their way. Time for renewal of Biletix accounts. Come on people, it is gonna be just sunny this summer!


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