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Aydın Doğan Auditorium in Galatasaray University: A Non-Purpose Hall by bayripley
13/04/2010, 18:52
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Galatasaray Unversity is a distinguished social sciences institution. Faculty of Law is charismatic, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is unique, and Faculty of Science and Letters is cool at GSU. If you want to study social sciences thoroughly furnished with a lovely language challenge, you pick GSU out of approximately 100 institutions in Turkey. It also has to pick you, but this is all about points, exams, dissertations, etc. which are not our subject today.

This great school provides many opportunities of academic achievement for its faculty members and students. Many continuing education programs and intriguing conferences are held at school. Venues for these activities are the conference halls, usually named after law professors or wealthy philanthropists. All of these halls has striking structures (two halls can actually become one after the wooden wall between is taken out) and difficult to manage infrastructure (one hall has an AC system which is adjusted once a week so that you can never harmonize the inner temperature with the unstable weather of Istanbul). One, the largest hall of the university, stands out of all: Aydın Doğan Auditorium. It is named after the most powerful media mogul of Turkey, who has no institutional bonds with the school. His name is on the invitations of multi-lingual student conferences or law colloquiums. He deserved it by paying for a hall with over 250 red seats, an overheated translation room, a platform imitating to be a stage, a ridiculously petite backstage, rarely  functioning sound system, lights and AC.

However, Aydın Doğan is more than that. Lectures are rarely held there because the students are considered too messy for the elegance. Even if they are held, the board is too small for such a large “classroom”. The students clubs fight fiercely and pay in great sums for the right of using it during weekends. Theater club can’t rehearse there because the school does not want them to.  It is too small for huge events such as the Best Bla Bla Awards of Business Administration Club, too large for cozy academic debates, too red for mourning ceremonies, too cold in winters. In sum,  too something for everything. So, Aydın Doğan actually paid for a non-purpose thingy, which is not modifiable but also not useful. Galatasaray University with its astonishing view from its miniscule campus needs more functional infrastructure to augment the school’s potential. Social sciences are better studied with comfortable social interaction and the halls are not sufficient for that. Even its best hall is only good for blogging now, as I write and submit this piece in Aydın Doğan, thanks to the wireless from library.

Galatasaray University needs more moguls? Or more clever planning? I opt for the second.


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quite non-purpose really! though it pretends to be multi-purpose. I didn’t know the theatre club is not allowed to rehearse or even to put shows there. It would be really nice to be able to see them in the university and the stage is very appropriate too. It’s a shame really, but then again what is not a shame about the university 🙂

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