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Hair says it all. by bayripley
25/04/2010, 11:31
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Sezen Aksu, in one of her summer concerts, once told us that his mother had a saying: “Beauty is God’s recommendation letter. You get admitted everywhere with it.” Today, I proved it.

I am not a very handsome boy, never have been. Yes, my face is not bad, my manners are just a gentleman’s if my mood is OK, and my brain is not slow either. However, I am never considered handsome or cute, but my looks are OK, which is really OK.

Today, with the picture you are right now looking at, I proved one thing: If an average boy goes for the gentleman looks, he gets the recommendation letter that we have talked about. After a typical Sunday breakfast with a couple of friends, I walked into a barber shop for a haircut. The barber cut my hair, washed it and then there came the drying part. He asked me, would you like a left-to-right calm? I said: Why not? Then he turned me into something like that. A very out of date thing for a college student, but very suitable for me, the guy with a belated graduation. I could easily walk into a bank with proper clothes and claim that I am an employee of the executive branch and they would buy it for a couple of minutes until I start speaking about banking—that I know tiny. Thus, I am already grown up for such looks and I took it while walking out of the barber shop.

First I got into a supermarket to buy soap for laundry. There came the first reaction: The cashier girl did not treat me like sh*t, which is her usual treatment to guys at their 20s. (Well, she is kind of right since she must have been fed up with constantly flirting jerks) She was not flirting, she was just being nice. I thought: “What’s going on?” I got the message in the pharmacy where a middle age lady treated me so great, smiled me back, and appreciated me for being so nice, and for having this gentleman hair.  These women naturally did not have any intention to marry me, but they were appreciating me, they liked young guys around with that kind of nice hair and smart-casual shirts on Sunday mornings. I was nice and God sent the letter via my hair.

Then I thought how it was easy to get back to the life that I already rejected with my career plan on academics. Being an academic is emancipating especially in looks, you do not have to look like a diplomat or a bureaucrat. You can have a flexible life, as long as you don’t digress. But if I ever decide to go back to my previous career choices, today I understood that all I have to do is to walk into a barber shop.


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I’m laughing my ass, I’m sorry. My intention was to leave a comment actually. But, oh.

There goes the song for you: What a wonderful life!

Comment by votefordeniz

Oh Deniz, oh Deniz!

Comment by bayripley

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