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Has Bloggin’ been cool? by bayripley
18/06/2010, 12:55
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Don’t you have a blog? series, #2

Yes, and no.

I read my first blog entry and I should affirm that my every single expectation has been met. I expressed myself, and people read it. Well, not necessarily “people” but mostly my friends who got updates through Facebook and twitter, those considered less challenging in sharing stuff than bloggin’ in the first entry. In the beginning bloggin’ was cooler than being active in social networks, but these networks were those which made my blog followed.

Last three months were not dominated by expressing myself and publishing it, but it has somehow ruled certain periods of my last months. For example, writing my blog was my biggest enthusiasm in exam period, which was discouraged roughly by papers to be completed, study parties with classmates, and other less exhausting stuff like watching TV series, reading online papers, etc. I had the urge to write, but I could not find time—or just did not create it. God, how cool was bloggin’ back then.

I also had great opportunities to multiply my blog topic range, like I travelled to Paris and Amsterdam or I attended cultural events; but I just didn’t write. The constraint was not only time, there were others: Amsterdam was equal to endless sunbathing in Vondelpark, or I was too drunk to remember the concerts I pretended listening.  I sound like a boring alcoholic, I know, but bloggin’ was not attractive at all after hours of Vondel fun. I also did not want to bother you guys with my hangover(s). Those were the days bloggin’ was not cool.

Some entries were more fun than I thought for readers, and some others did not attract any reaction at all. But I guess this is how life is, it is full of rebuttals of your expectations. Sometimes, the hook was not OK, sometimes the sea was too wavy for fishing.

If needed, I should say that I am preparing a comeback—a comeback that will tire you. I have lots of ideas to put in words, so get ready. I should also add that we are joined by a new blogger, Damla, in our “petit blog”. I personally am looking forward to her contribution.

So, bloggin’ is cool, but not always. Will it be cooler? If I write more, yes. This is summer and I am not gonna be one of those who are dying to get skin cancer on the beach. Thus, I will be writing at my apartment, and saying “Hi” to world without getting on the street. See, bloggin’ is that promising. Can’t wait!


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