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My Laptop Policy by bayripley
23/08/2010, 05:44
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Those days are here: I am a TA now, and I will be setting my own rules for three discussion classes that I will lead for a core, freshman course. And guess what my laptop policy will be!

I should this familiar story of all times in Turkish universities: Some freshmen are extremely hyped up about their political goals and they adhere into the Communist Party or some sort of extreme left group the first day of school. They start reading Marx, Gramsci, Althusser, and they use those fancy names in their boring monologues. They are against everything–the system, the school, the professors, the dean, the birds, etc. They are sure that by constantly opposing anything, they will definitely install communism in Turkey. My dear readers, I am not kidding! Even now, there are dozens of freshmen enrolling to those groups in every corner of Turkish campuses. Well, what happens next? A very short summary will suffice: They start dressing in light olive green, they experience “free love”, they do their mandatory internships to finish their degree, they instantly apply positions in corporate world during their senior year, they get the job, quit the group –or get kicked out because of their willingness to finish or change-, and drive a fairly expensive car after five years of their graduation. The change is immense, astonishing, but common: Dozens of communist students become the white-collar liberals of Turkey quite quickly. This is a funny transformation; this is the modern Metamorphosis.

I am going to experience my own modern Metamorphosis this week. I am going to apply a “no laptops during class” policy in my discussion sessions. Those of you, who remember my article, should ask if I am not self-confident enough about making the course informing, easy to listen, and fun. This is certainly not the case. I will do my best to make it at least “bearable” if not “spectacular”.

But, why?

Because this is why I told you the modern Metamorphosis story. All of us have our own fundamental change, somewhere around those ages. From a communist to a white-collar employee; from a smartass to a laptop-phobic. We usually become those who we disliked before, and unfortunately, rarely make a difference. Some call it the tyranny of majority; some call it self-adaptation. I hope to call it progress, by making the session interesting for my students, even without laptops.

I’ll share it with y’all when I get the feedback!


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hahaha of course you wouldn’t let them! show’em who is the boss and that you can ruin their 3 hours a week just to have more fun 🙂

Comment by votefordeniz

büyümüştür onlar yapmazlar artık öyle hareketler abisi.

Comment by Basak

this one was posted on my birthday.

Comment by votefordeniz

That’s how I celebrate my friend’s bdays.

Comment by bayripley

god bless you allah razı olsun tenks.

Comment by votefordeniz

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