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Confessions on a dance floor? by bayripley
31/08/2010, 17:04
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After the emotionally moving entry of my co-blogger, this is going to be a bit light, but I need that dear readers, I need that. This blog has been a place where I hang out with a very dear friend of mine, and share. Share is a large word here, which conveys expressing one’s self, sometimes rendering my experiences, public and mostly confessing. My life has never been as fun as Madonna’s to entitle a work of mine as “confessions on a dance floor”. As you know, I chose a life less exciting, a life of writing a blog, and naming one of my entries as Maddy did, with an additional question mark to it. This is the furthest away I could go, or I thought so. Until this video.

In The Know: Are Tests Biased Against Students Who Don’t Give A Shit?

The video is mainly about one of my nightmares I had during my first week of TAing.  Other than crazy people interrupting my class, e.g. a drunk peeing in my classroom, a girl with a noisy nervous breakdown, etc., my nightmares used to consist of sleeping students, and even worse, the ones who look at you with dull, non-caring eyes. Or as the video names, students who don’t give a sh*t. What would I do in that case? How would I get their attention?

I now have an idea! I know how to attract their attention, how to make it at least bearable. I have told you about the metamorphosis, and it is not always negative. This is when the Onion steps on the dance floor, this is when the boring teacher is exactly aware of what those dull eyes are speaking inside. It has always been obvious that all the educational systems around the world are meaninglessly forcing students to take courses that they don’t give a sh*t. But have the teachers ever asked themselves about that? My experience gives me the answer: Rarely. I aim to raise that to the “regularly” level. Teachers should watch these videos, and think on that matter. Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, as Gandhi said.  The teacher who doesn’t give a sh*t about the student who does the same might be our biggest problem in education.

After having written this über self-confident piece, I also promise: I will post the first paper plane to this blog! Then you’ll be more aware of my life on my dance floor.


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