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Truman Show? Or too many movies? by bayripley
01/09/2010, 08:12
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This is a classic in conversations: Truman Show has made me question my life. What if I am the protagonist? What if everyone I know is actor? Is this my real mom? Is this real life?

Believe me my friends, there is worse.

For the last two years, and probably since I have decided to study cinema on graduate level, I have come across unbelievable coincidences. Some characters in certain movies say things so similar to my thoughts; the peril of Truman Show becomes a life-long one. It prolongs with every movie I see.

Take any Woody Allen movie. I find at least two or three things that I meant to say, or said, or havedone, or thought, or will do. And I don’t mean regularly groundbreaking, Woody Allen-style situations. Take “a psychic falling out of the window, on me” in Whatever Works. This was a remarkable phobia of my childhood.

Or there’s this couple of movies that drives me crazy: Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Tell me now what’s their deal? Does the girl have to articulate all my concerns in one movie? Does the boy have to do what I have desired to do all my life—like missing “that plane”? Most terrifying aspect of these movies is their popularity, and the admiration of the audience. Am I that usual?

Until yesterday, everything was still fine my dear readers. Those movies that I have been quoting are relatively better ones. They are not mainstream; they are largely acclaimed but not massively adored. That was fine, until Love Story.

I made the mistake of re-watching Love Story, the movie that released the epidemic of this tune. I have bitterly encountered a fact of my life: The destinations I would choose to study have already been determined in that movie. No, I know I am not at Harvard right now. I am talking about this nerve-wracking detail: When the boy looks at the window of a travel agency, he notices the poster of Paris, which is right next to the poster of Tucson,AZ. Tell me my dear readers: What is that? Is it destiny? Or is it my photographic memory, which controls my actions? I need an answer now, and I don’t want it to come from Hollywood!

By the way, please do share your own experience if you guys have had similar ones. Maybe we can find out a solution for that! Otherwise, I will be convinced on the fact that I am writing this blog from another realm.


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