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So Let’s Talk About Eurovision – Part 2: Are you ready for the Final!
26/05/2012, 10:29
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It’s tonight. The final of Eurovision 2012 or just Eurovision 2012 since we don’t really care about the semifinals. Ok, I did some comments about the first semi-final so I will do the same for the second semi-final as well. So I guessed that ten countries that would go to the finals would be: Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Norway, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Lithuania. I guessed 7 of them right, while Estonia, Malta and Ukraine were the lucky ones instead of Netherlands, Bulgaria and Slovenia. All three of them are going to be at the bottom part of the final chart so it doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to comment about Sweden, Norway and Turkey for the moment, since I will have another section for them further down in the post.

Serbia: I don’t have anything to say about the song. I can’t understand the lyrics, but I suppose the lyrics are great since they passed to the finals. Nothing special about the song, the singer or the show. Oh wait, this is Serbia, right. Every year Serbia is a favorite because they always get a lot of votes. This year they won’t get so much since all balkan countries are coming somewhat strong and I don’t think Serbia is better than them. So boring, really!

FYR Macedonia: I like this song, it’s actually a good taste from the Balkans for a change. Singer has a nice voice and the performance was good. Can get a moderate amount of votes, not gonna be very high on the chart.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: When I saw the performance, I thought about last year when Italy came second. Yes, because of the piano. If piano gets votes, than this song can be high. But I don’t think so. I think this song is weak and will not top the chart.

Lithuania: Love is blind and what a great idea to wear a blindfold! Yaaay! Come on Lithuania, be creative. Anyway, it was not that bad. The boy has energy and sings well. I was sure he would be in the finals. However only 12 point he’s going to get is from Estonia and vice-versa. pff!

Estonia: Handsome guy singing a ballad and he’s from estonia. Nothing much to say really. I don’t know why we have to listen to him in the finals again!!

Malta: I think it’s a crappy song but they were funny and had good energy. In the end, both people in the hall and those who were watching them on tv enjoyed them. I didn’t expect them to go to the finals, it was a big shock for me. However, I’m convinced they deserved it.

Ukraine: I really think the song of Gaitana should be forbidden but somehow she made people like it. The show was funny with moving screens and dancers. The dress of the woman was horrible. I still think Ukraine shouldn’t have made it to the finals.

So, finally let’s talk about Eurovision !!

In this part, I will only talk about my favorites. However, first I want to draw attention to the so-called Big Five: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and France. Since they are not in the semi-finals, we always forget about them. Generally Germany is somehow good while United Kingdom and Spain is horrible. France sometimes sends good songs although nobody understands what they are doing. Italy is generally not very good either. This year, I think all of the Big Five have very good songs.

Spain: I start with Spain because I don’t feel she can get in top 10. But Pastora Soler may very well have the best voice in the contest and the song is perfect for it. Her performance in the rehearsal is great and she can give Spain one of the highest ranks of 21st century.

Germany: Although the song is good and the singer is cute, I don’t think Germany will get good votes. For me, they are not one of the favorites.

United Kingdom: The song of Engelbert Humpledinck can be the slowest song of the contest but I believe it is a good song. I can at least say that he might break the tradition and put U.K. in the top ten.

France: Anggun made a great song. I honestly think it’s one of the best songs of the contest. It’s one of my favorites and I would be very happy if she wins. France prepared an exciting show as well and I believe the performance of Anggun will also be good. However, the competition is though and just nobody votes for France.

Italy: I love Nina Zilli and Italy is my “the favorite” this year. Zilli had a very confusing journey to Eurovision. She was chosen at San Remo Fastival to represent Italy in Eurovision 2012 with her song “Per Sempre” which was a nice song an I quite liked it. Then few months before Eurovision, she announced she changed her song to “L’Amore E Feminna”. Then she made the song more english with a second title in English: “Out of Love”. I think this may even be a first for Italy to be represented by a song in english (at least most of it in english). She made 2 video clips for the song. It seems she just can’t decide. Although I expected his stage show to be better, her performance is amazing on the stage and the song is just perfect for her style. After finishing in second place last year, I feel Italy may win the contest.

Those were the “Big Five”. It’s surprising to see all of them coming strong this year. This year really is a very good year. There are so many songs that can win and so many good songs. It’s going to be a wonderful show. For me, I see all of the Big Five as favorites. So let’s check the other favorites of this year.

Ireland: Jedward added to their popularity since last year and their stage show was very exciting. I believe they have a very good chance at winning. Otherwise they are sure to be in top 10. GO JEDWAAARD !!

Sweden: Euphoria is really amazing. Although we have never seen much success from electronic songs in Eurovision, Euphoria is already very popular around Europe. She is seen widely as the favorite since she won Melodifestivalen. Everybody’s saying Loreen is the winner just like 2 years go when Lena rocked Europe with Satellite. This year Loreen is rocking the house and she’s most likely going to win it.

Norway: I expected to Tooji to strike hard but I think he’s intimidated by Loreen and I don’t think he has the confidence to win this. People compare his style to Eric Saad but personally I believe that “Stay” is a much better song than “Popular”. I think at this point, it depends on the performance of Tooji tonight. He has the energy and the perfect song to rock the house in Baku.

Turkey: Can Bonomo managed to get everyone in Turkey excited about Eurovision this year. Although this year it’s practically impossible for Turkey to win the contest, with a very cute stage show. Can Bonomo guaranteed its place in top ten. The song is not good so of course he needs to be cute. Everything may depend on the performance tonight since it was very sloppy at the semifinals. I think he was excited since he’s very young. Nevertheless, the Turkish trust in him and will still be proud of him even if he doesn’t win.

Russia: Yes, there is a big possibility that Grannies from Russia will win the contest. That reminds me of “Hard Rock Hallelujah”. Figure it out why. I’m so afraid that Russia will be the winner tonight because there are so many good songs that it would be a disastrous joke to see them perform a second time tonight.

Azerbaijan: The host of this year has Sabina singing a ballad with her amazing voice. I believe Azerbaijan will get some extra votes since they are the host this year and those votes may put them in top ten.

Other countries which may find themselves in top ten are Romania, Serbia, Denmark, Cyprus, Greece and Iceland. I don’t want to comment further on them since I already said everything there is to say about them. This year, the competition is crazy, there are so many good songs and I’m so curious to see the results.

Finally, I’m going to make my top 10 after watching the performances tonight. I’m watching the contest at the famous Eurovision party: “Dix Points” (#dixpoints). So it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Catch you up after the results !!


So Let’s Talk About Eurovision – Part 1: First semi-final !
23/05/2012, 15:30
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Those were the 10 countries I predicted would be the finalists from the 1st semi finals: Romania, Israel, Cyprus, Denmark, Russia, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Greece. I got 6 of them right!. First, let’s check those who didn’t make to the finals:

Israel: For me, it was the biggest shock of the night! It was one of the songs I liked the most from this year’s competitors. I would have liked to see them at the finals.  They didn’t do any performance mistakes, however I believe they were only voted off since they represented Israel.

Austria: I don’t know why I picked them. I guess I thought that there should be a group of people on Europe who would vote for them. But honestly, so glad we’re going to see a finals without them.

Switzerland: Another disappointment. The song was very good in my opinion and they did a very clean performance of “Friendly Rock”. I believe they should have made it to the finals. I guess nobody votes for Switzerland either.

Latvia: I liked the song before the semi-finals. However, their performance was poor and the rythm of the song didn’t keep up to the pace of the semi-finals. They were boring and didn’t deserve to win.


And now those who made it to the finals:

Moldova: One of the 4 countries that I didn’t expect to see in the finals. They performed better than I expected them to and deserved their place in the finals. I don’t think they will make their way to the top in the finals, but they can certainly get a good amount of votes.

Iceland: I don’t know why I didn’t expect them to win. Maybe I thought that without their scandinavian buddy countries in the semi-finals, they wouldn’t get enough votes to advance. However they have a great song with a theatrical and impeccable performance. They can get good votes and make their way to top 10 in the finals with a bit of luck.

Hungary: I think they have a very ordinary song without any special performance. I don’t think they should have won the semi-finals and don’t think they will be on top of the chart in the finals either.

Albania: Last of the 4 countries I didn’t expect to see in the finals. I guess they received votes of solidarity from some countries and for the great mystical voice of the singer. I still don’t believe they should have been in the finals and certainly they won’t get good votes.

Romania: A very catchy song with happy tunes. Although they had some problems during their performance, they were lucky. Could be a summer hit in Romania. They will not make it to top ten in the finals but certainly deserved to be in it.

Denmark: Although I didn’t like the song, I guessed that a lot of people would and they would be in the finals. They had a cello player dressed like a rapper and a singer with a sailor hat who was acting like a fish. We see a lot of sailor and sea themed performance. I guess it’s because Azerbaijan is a landlocked country. Anyways, although I still don’t like them, I think they will get enough votes to be in top ten.

Cyprus: They were on the popular songs of this year. Again, I didn’t like them. On top of that their performance was horrible, the singer didn’t sound right. They were popular enough to get the votes to win the semi-finals but hopefully they won’t win the finals, although I still expect them to place high.

Greece: This year, they are not as popular as they should have been. Greece is always a Eurovision favorite. Although this year, I don’t expect them to win. They have a catchy song with an appealing performance but they are just not popular enough. The song can be a summer hit in Greece and Turkish coast. They will place high in the finals, although not that high since we have seen better songs from Greece fail.

Russia: Come on Russia !! and Come on Europe. Yes they are cute and yes they should perform in the finals. But aren’t they also scary?! Seriously, although Russia always gets a lot of point, this year I’m annoyed at every vote that goes for Russia, s.Grannies are a nice addition of freakiness to the contest but please don’t let them place high in the finals with their horrible song.

Ireland: JEDWAAARD! You love them! Last year, their song was better but they performed poorly. This year, their performance is great and have an appealing stage show. I believe they will place in the top five in the finals which means I place them higher than any country in the 1st semi-finals. And who knows they might just win it ! Just don’t forget to vote for them!!


So that was it. I believe the second semi finals have better candidates to be the winner of Eurovision 2012. See you later and don’t forget to listen to all eurovision contestants in the special playlist of AvukatFM on Youtube.


The Academic Heat
25/05/2011, 05:47
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Completely ignoring that my latest post was written almost 9 months ago, I realized today what a wonderful idea it was to share this blog with my dear friend and co-editor of this blog “bayripley” who kept this wonderful space on the web alive during my blog laziness. My plan was -it actually still is- to collect here all the musings of my life, after my departure from Istanbul. If you were worried about how it all went (oh you are, aren’t you?), it was and still is wonderful. However, this post is not about this theme.

Summer has come and the heat is on, and I have a confession to make. I recently had a strange revelation about young academics in universities (completely innocent, I swear). It would be an exageration to call it an attraction. Yes, we all had crushes to at least one of our teachers anywhere during our education, but academics in universities are different. Teacher-crushes are childish, resulting from the recent entry to the adolescence, maybe from the attraction coming from the authority over students. Whereas for academics, I can’t argue that any of this is true. They barely associate with the authority in the university and they are not part of our adolescence. Young academics are instructors and yet they still are students. I also notice that they are also getting more good-looking everyday. None of those can be said for teachers in high school, since they are mostly stupid, unsuccessful, boring and aged versions of academics. If anyone who’s still in high school is reading this, (which is highly unlikely by the way), let me tell you, forget about your teachers and keep your school fantasies for the academics when you go to the university.

What makes them attractive in the first place is that they are smart. The PhD title assures that. Here, the evolutionary theory will support me. Although I insert this picture here, I don’t totally agree with the recently popular saying from the past few years, “Smart is new sexy.” Smart was always sexy. Being smart increases the chances of survival, thus bringing an attractiveness that some would call “sophisticated”, for reasons that they want to seem sophisticated. If you are one of those, I have some bad news for you: you are not sophisticated just because you are attracted to the smart, it’s all in your genes; so don’t take a credit. Smart is sexy and the young academics world take every advantage of that fact, where smartness is continously replacing the formerly promoted hardworking/nerdy stereotype.

The Academic Heat

Another thing is that young academics are technologically savvy. You can wonder, how this can count as an attractive element. During the few past decades, technological discoveries were merely scientific accomplishments. Those who were into it, were only said they were nerds because they were into sci-fi. Talking about Asimov novels or making jokes about Wookies was not cool. Let me clear further how this works: someone who is babbling about lightsabers, robots and cloning is not attractive; but someone who has a lightsaber and a few robots in his house, that’s attractive ! This is one of the reasons why James Bond was a sex god in the 80s and 90s, because he had gadgets that seem ridiculous now, but Bond was able to use those things perfectly. (No, it has nothing do about dirty martini.) Young academics are James Bonds of our communities, they never go buy a lame BlackBerry and fool around all the time on messenger like those underachieving university students. They have Android phones, iPads and Macs (oh and they all have blogs ! For more information on why, us bloggers are cool: See past posts of bayripley here and here). They install ridiculously good technologic improvements to their properties: soundsystems, projectors and a little cloning machine to go with them.

Ever wondered what happened to this man in a suit, exiting his office and heading to his car to go back to his apartment in the suburbs? Or to this woman with a red lipstick, wearing a white blouse, black skirt and high heels in the elevator of her favourite 50-story plaza? Hey, I got another news: They are not attractive anymore. The academic world trumps the biz world now. Cubicles (where I would end up probably), plazas and afterwork parties are extremely lame! Business people are the new nerds and they are going down. Young academics are aware of this and they want nothing to do with this life. In fact they could have been very successful in the biz world and get those nice paychecks easily. But instead they have chosen to live on education grants and teaching “tips” from the university. They hop on their bike in the downtown, looking extremely gorgeous and head on to the “holy grounds” of their university. And that’s why they are so cool !

This revelation came to me months ago, since I’m a master student for a while now -No, I will not get a Phd, so this post is not a self-appraisal-. (note to bayripley: Since you will get a Phd title, you can thank me later for this post) Maybe it is because I spend too much time in the university and the computer lab (which is partly true), but more probably, it is because the university is my only social life. Can you imagine that I spend more time in the university than in night clubs ? (Yeah, it sucks.) And believe me when I say that when I walk in the hallways of my university, all the offices of doctorate students I pass by, seem like a fornication chamber to me. (This post is almost getting kinky, but I’m going to stop there). To summarize, academics are no more associated with the nerdy and loser stereotype, as they were before. They are dangerous and should be looked out for. Everytime you see a research or teaching assistant with an iPad in his hand, chase away your prejudices and observe his curves (no, not the distribution curves. body curves !!) and hopefully you will get the same revelation I got.

P.S: Don’t forget to send an e-mail to me when you get your Phd degree. I will be waiting.

30/08/2010, 03:39
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It occurred to me only today what it means to be leaving from one’s home city. It’s not that I became sad and blue. I just realized that I will be very distant, even disconnected, from what happens in this huge city where I grew up and spent almost one-third of my life (optimistic estimation). The decision to leave was easy; for the past few years, this city that I’ve spent best moments of my life started to become a very hard to place to live in. The traffic, pollution and ugly architecture were always there and they were not the source of my hatred. Although unpleasant, they were bearable and almost characteristic. Then, I realized that it was the newspapers which made the life troubling. What I read in the newspapers made me furious each and every day. In the past few years, it felt like I was living in a completely unfamiliar place with a whole bunch of people completely alien to me and my thinking. Maybe, the country was always like that and the people always had the same mindset. Maybe it’s just me growing up, discovering myself and changing. This is me starting to react to what is not right around me.

I will not go into detail of what I don’t like in the newspapers, in the politics or in the daily life in Istanbul. If you grew in Istanbul, you know how beautiful and addictive it is; if you moved here recently, you know how charming and enticing every aspect of the city can be; if you have made friends here, you know how they are weird, fun and interesting at the same time (in a good way); if you visited Istanbul for a few days, you know how the city is full of things to discover and experience. To me, none of those above is significant anymore. My goal is not to write an eulogy, nor to dramatize my leaving. I know it seems like I’m leaving for good. I’m only leaving for a year now, and I probably will come back earlier. If I would come back after a year, I know Istanbul won’t be the same place I left. It’s just like when you get together with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend after a while, you know that you can do without him and he’s the person that you have left because of your reasons. Although you feel you love him, you know he’s not the same person anymore.

I want to say that when I say “leaving”, I like to think that it means leaving the city, leaving the roads I drove, the house I grew, my school, the market in the corner, my cellphone number, the Bosphorus and the boats, things I see when I open the fridge, the radio stations, Istiklal street, bars, clubs and finally the newspapers. I’m not sad that I’m leaving all this. I’m leaving my friends and my family. Most everyone I have connected within years, I will not take them with me. I haven’t said “Goodbye” to many persons yet. Maybe this is because I don’t see any point in it. In the end, everything that will stay with me, is everything that I need and everything that I want. There are things I will miss and that is for sure, but “leaving” things is not such a bad thing. It makes me happy to think that, I will always get together somehow with the people I love. It’s not sad to be distant from them for a while since I’m not really leaving them. I’m only leaving things which are mostly garbage and useless heavy things which are not significant.

So, this was my farewell message. It was rough and a bit disorganized. I hope I did not make it sound so poetic since I believe it’s very natural at some point for someone to discharge itself of a lot things. In a few days, I will leave Istanbul, for Barcelona. It’s going to be an ugly troublesome year with a lot of frustration and disappointment. But that’s only the bad stuff; good stuff will be a lot more. In anyway, I expect to change a lot.

P.S: The blog, nevertheless, won’t be one of the many things I leave (though I hope to write more) and want to express how happy I am to share it with my dear co-blogger all the way from the U.S.

“Street Drinking” season is open.
30/04/2010, 20:25
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I’m very excited to announce that the season of “Street Drinking” is open in Istanbul. The weather is finally good and warm at nights, and the city is much more lively than it has ever been. Smoking indoors is banned and it’s a mission to find a comfortable place to sit in open air. Entertainment is at the peak. You know your oil is the booze. You know that, without getting tipsy or drunk, the fun you’re gonna have will be limited. In this era of depressions and downfalls, it’s encouraged to get your share of the fun. You worked endlessly and you got sick and tired of all the stress during the week and you have deserved to “steal this night from the devil” (it’s a popular turkish saying). But, it’s impossible to drink enough at bars or clubs without paying a hefty fee. Your best option is street drinking.

I believe there isn’t really a season of drinking on streets, since you can do it anytime, anywhere given that you can survive the weather for enough time. It is a lifestyle for many people but the opening of the season means that almost all kinds of night dwellers will gather in the streets for the night. It started as an alternative move, mainly supported by high-school teenagers around Beyoğlu (who are not allowed in bars), by drinkers who cannot afford expensive bars, by “smokers” who cannot do illegal activities in bars (and want some booze with the joint) and lastly by clandestine couples for “various” reasons. Street is the culture. What happens on the streets, defines the city life. In a city with some 15 million population, it is natural to assume that the streets are crowded for the whole day and whole night, which gives the impression that you are in a very social place. Although some conservatives might not like the idea that the drinking is on the streets, it is clear that it is a social activity. Alleys on the other hand are seldom crowded and thus offers a more intimate venue for the drinkers. It doesn’t really matter where you drink, unless you look like a desperate loner (Of course, if you are homeless, no one can question your desperation, but that’s another story). It’s important to look smart and attractive and it’s crucial that you don’t let people think that you are on the streets because you don’t have anywhere else to go. They need to believe that it is your choice to drink on the street, just because you are cool and care about the street culture. Company is a must; if you are 2, it’s ok; 3 is also fine. But the saying who goes as “the more, the merrier” is very much valid for Street Drinking. A group of 8 or more is required for an epic night of Street Drinking. So, you should try to invite as much people as possible, even though they don’t know each other. You also need to be social for the whole time during Street Drinking. It’s one of the reasons why a bigger group is encouraged. If you stop socializing for a moment, you stop being a worthy addition to the streets. You need to chat, joke, gossip, flirt and fool around. Little pranks are also encouraged, since it is also from the streets. Getting in touch with members from other groups is not a must, but it’s encouraged. Asking for a cigarette, a lighter or some money are examples. But you don’t have to be confined to regular contacts, you can also get to know them, chat with them, buy them a drink, invite them to your group or even get flirty. Every social attempt is highly encouraged and rewarded. But you should not forget the cardinal rule of “street drinkers”: you are a family. If someone asks you for a cigarette or some money for booze, you should be generous and give them what they want (But you don’t have to give anything to the beggars. It’s ok to ignore them).

Let’s go back to the opening of the season in Istanbul. It was not until the last few years that street drinking around popular places got trendy. Nişantaşı, Teşvikiye, Taksim, Tünel, Cihangir are such places where a mass of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs are situated. Most of them who are trendy enough for young people to prefer, are also very expensive. The university students doesn’t want to go out for a few hours, then come back home. They want to spend the whole night outside, visiting a few places, eating, drinking, getting drunk and having a hell of a night in the process. The young working bunch also wants to have a great night in the weekends, since he has been waiting for the friday to come for the whole week. Having a job in Istanbul, means you have to go out on the weekends and socialize with others. As a working person, it’s shameful to go to cheap places. But it’s trendy to drink on the streets. So most who don’t want to spend a fortune in a club, prefer to drink on the streets and then hit the club. On top of that, very loud music in bars and clubs don’t allow you to socialize as much as you want with the others. So social butterflies are also happy with street drinking. Street Drinking is self-served. You don’t have to depend on slow and aloof waiters. In Istanbul, you can find a Tekel store (liquor store) anywhere nearby. If you choose a popular place for street drinking, you can also go to bars to buy a cocktail and then return to your street drinking friends. Another option is to bring your drinks on the streets. With plastic cups, spirits and energy drinks, your fun night is guaranteed. One last point to remember is that you should choose your street drinking place close to nice music, so that you can socialize in happiness with your favorite music on the background.

I can hear you saying, why not drink at home, instead of drinking in the streets. I believe drinking at home isn’t a viable option for everyone. First of all, not everyone has a place in the city where most of their friends can get to easily. Secondly, you can’t be trendy at home. You’re in your home ground and you don’t have other people who can see you. Thirdly, you can’t socialize as much. Again, I have to say that “Street is the culture.” Without the streets, you cannot socialize. Public places are the cradle of flirting, dating, friendships and entertainment. On the other hand, home reminds us of family. That’s why, drinking at home can only be a second best to street drinking. So, why don’t you go get your own share from the streets tonight !

and the best music award goes to… what did you say??
23/02/2010, 01:33
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The turkish ministry of public works held a contest for the first movies of film directors. Apparently they gave a lot of thought for the awards. The award for the “best music” was given to “İki Dil Bir Bavul” who tells the story of a teacher in a village who tries to teach a class full of kurdish speaking students with no knowledge of turkish. The movie who received a lot of awards from many other festivals is also critically very well acclaimed. Though, sadly, it contains no music. The turkish press said: “They made the impossible. Received an award of “best music” with a movie with no music at all”. When they received the award, the producers were shocked to hear that the award was for the music. It is argued on what basis, the jury gave such an award. I think it is clear that they didn’t even see the movie. Apparently their criteria is how good the critics are or arguably we can say that this “pleasant” but “fake” award is given to say that “the government is very friendly against the kurdish”. A point to discuss, but i’ll leave it at that… The only thing to do is to congratulate the directors for their “awkward” award.

“WTF?” New single and a genuine video clip from OK Go!
03/12/2009, 03:36
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“The last time OK Go released a new video, Jay-Z was a Mets fan, Barack Obama was being inducted into the United Federation Of Planets, and this song was a number one hit. Or at least it feels that way. Which is why today is such a very, very good day.”

This is how the band announced the release of their new single, simultaneously with their new video, on their official website, the 9th of November. The single and the video are available to buy on iTunes and the single album is also available on stores since the 17th. Those of you who doesn’t regularly listen to OK Go, may remember them from their “the most fun clip ever” video of their hit single “Here It Goes Again”, also known as “The Treadmill Dancing” video. This video, which is available here, has caused a “let’s make a treadmill dancing video ourselves” fashion and resulted on a number of similar videos to appear on media platforms. But, this was not the first of its kind for OK Go, since before that, in 2005, their video clip for “A Million Ways”, which you can watch here, had created the same effect, giving the band its popularity and fame. Video for “A Million Ways”, also known as “The Back Yard Dancing”, was shoot by the band itself without the knowledge of their label, with a budget of nearly 10 dollars(even their camera was a borrowed one). It became a huge internet phenomenon, being the most downloaded music video by August 2006, with over 9 million downloads. On top of that, the band put a video of 180 fans performing the “A Million Ways” dance for a YouTube contest, in their limited edition CD/DVD release of their album “Oh No”. “Here It Goes” video followed that same spirit and has been viewed over 48 million times (only for one instance of the video) and won 2006 YouTube Award in the Most Creative category. It is not hard to see that the fame of the band came with the amazing popularity of their videos rather than their hit songs. After, “Here It Goes”, other singles they have released in 2006 gave them an important number of fans, only to disappear for almost 3 years, until now.

“Skyscrapers” was already released online on May 7, 2009, pre-announcing their upcoming album “Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky”. The first new single “WTF?” (I know. It sounds good) comes with an original video. After watching the video, I can say that having them back feels very good. It’s the good old OK Go-ish creativity we missed.

Be sure to visit the official website of OK Go here and their page here.
If you really loved the clip, you can enjoy the official making of the video clip here explained by band members.