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30/11/2009, 23:11
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Sadi Güran, an illustrator from Istanbul, recently became known to me thanks to a friend. Sadi, has been part of many projects. The one who drew my attention is NETAME which is a graphic novel combined with a selection of songs performed by Deniz Cuylan, following a story written by Senem Akçay. The artists explain that the story, illustrations and the music are all intertwined and that all three forms of expression complete each other. The result is NETAME, available in stores in Turkey, since 2007. More info and some of the songs can be found here, at the myspace page of NETAME.

Sadi Güran, also works on his personal website, available here, where he publishes his art and markets a selection of t-shirts and bags with his designs on them. They definitely look very good. Though, it is a disappointment that the website doesn’t let you shop with your credit card. You need to put an order with a money transfer via bank accounts, which makes it very troublesome. Another option to buy those designs is to visit the shop called “Giyenzi” on Kadıköy Bar Street “Kadife Sokak”, in Istanbul.

Other notable works of Sadi, are the illustrations for a fashion catalogue for Özlem Süer, CD booklet illustrations for the band Anima and other works which were exhibited in Stockholm, Paris, New York and Münster.

You can see more of Sadi Güran’s illustrations and some more info on his work at his personal deviantart page, which is here.