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Sex and the City 2: Politics? They should have said: No, thanks! by bayripley
20/06/2010, 10:16
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After a one week delay because of the Flotilla incident, in other words one of the biggest crises of Turkish Foreign Policy, Sex and the City2 (SatC2) has came to Turkish movie theaters. It “carried on” by a special Vogue dossier, great excitement among fans, and much controversy. Since many of you have seen it or will never see it but wonder what do I think of the movie, here is what I am gonna say about it.

Now the clichés

They got/look so old, except Samantha! But this is a must for aging fans. People want to see a certain similarity with the characters. 80s sequence was hilarious. Penelope Cruz and Liza Minnelli were two great surprises for those who didn’t know beforehand. Stanford’s wedding was fabulous. Dresses were generally fine but Carrie’s best man crown sucked. They were the most stylish characters of all time, even in the desert! Although it was very nice to see again SatC characters, the movie was generally boring and received horrible critiques. Its imdb rating is currently 3.8 out of 10. We all know that. I am gonna focus on something else.

My dear professor at Sciences-po, Pierre Leglise-Costa used to say: “Every Hollywood movie has a political message. Even King Kong. Even the most stupid American movie.” These messages embedded in films do not necessarily mean the US government finances these movies (although they do it sometimes!) It is a generally known fact that even the lightest movie has a message, and unfortunately even our beloved SatC characters say that. Let’s have a simple look at that.

First the Financial Crisis

The world has gone through a terrible crisis in 2008, and its effects are still so visible in Europe. So grave that, people told Greece to sell her precious islands to pay its debt! USA was hit first, Wall Street crashed, lots of New Yorkers got fired, many lost glamour in their lives. Horrendous critiques were directed to the crème de la crème of New York. After a while, US economy has picked up but not so greatly. However, SatC characters do not suffer from that at all! Our lovely Carrie, who whined about her credit card debts during 6 long years, has never mentioned any financial problem. Well, that’s true that she got married to Mr. Big, but were her financial problems that easy to solve? The only time she mentions the crisis is the sequence where she tells us that they did not put her apartment into market because it was not the best time. It is clear that, in that series, although we watch four New Yorkers, Carrie is the one that complies most with New York image. Samantha is a wanderer, Charlotte is so New England and Miranda has her own Philly roots, but Carrie is New York! And, the second movie tells us we know everything wrong about current NYC. New York is doing just fine; don’t bother fired bankers, empty apartments, crushed economy. Such an illusion!

Secondly, Osama bin Laden

Well, you haven’t heard of him lately, right? The dreadful image of 2000s belongs to him because of his terror, and beard. Remember those days when Western police killed people only based on their Arabic looks? Well, they will not probably be back for a long time because all the Arabs are at the service of Americans now. It is the “New Middle East” which is still “the Middle East”, where Charlotte automatically refuses using her Jewish last name. In the movie, the image of “Middle East” is clear: A copy-paste city in the middle of desert, heavily censored life, unbelievable rules of clothing, eating, living, f**king, and many many many Arabs under the snobby shadows of Yorkers. America may not have captured its biggest enemy, bin Laden, but it has put all the Arabs and some Indians under their control, it teaches them how to dress under their black burkas, it diffuses its writers’ books to desperate women all over the world. And everyone should learn that freedom is fucking on the beach!

I remember those times when SatC was only about relationships. This movie has said some, and very valuable ones like “designing your own relationship rules”; but SatC2 is definitely not enough for its fans. It was also political in a certain way that I personally could not even smile at.

They are talking about SatC3. I am not sure if it is gonna be done after this one’s low profile in the box office. But this is a warning: Leave politics to Jack Bauer and 24! Deal with our own issues, and never let Carrie wear a stupid crown like that again!