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World AIDS Day 2009: Universal Access by a21
01/12/2009, 23:42
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A bit late to post this, I know. Today is the 1st of December, the World AIDS DAY. 21 year has passed since the first one in 1988. A lot about HIV & AIDS has changed until now. June 5, 1981, officials report for the first time the disease, which is named AIDS by September 1982. The treatment methods and the wide-spread usage of protection has grown in mostly all of the developed countries, while the estimations tell us that 33.4 million people worldwide live with the HIV, today. It is thought that 2,7 million people have caught the virus in 2008 and we also know that 2 million death cases are related to HIV, in the same year.

Anti-retroviral therapy, is said to prevent the HIV+ individuals from developing the pandemic and improves the quality of life and the survival time of the individuals who has the AIDS. Awareness for HIV/AIDS is being raised by efforts of multiple national, international and independent organizations, while their efforts for the psycho-social, medical and financial aid are still needed to be funded. In developed countries, the access to treatments and preventive methods for the infection of the virus is wide-spread and easy. The drugs still being not-affordable by most patients in developing countries, the pandemic is still very much lethal, despite the efforts. The theme of World AIDS Day 2009 is the Universal Access and Human Rights, which stresses the importance of the universal access to prevention methods, information and treatments available and them being affordable to all men and women in the world. A promo video is released by the AVERT for this special day to raise the awareness for HIV/AIDS on the world. The website of AVERT, which is an international charity organization for AIDS, based in UK, is here.

Bono also passes a strong message for the (RED) project to raise money for The Global Fund on his video here.

“Pretty soon, it’s gonna be World AIDS Day. Something’s gonna happen on that day: the same thing that happened yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. 5.500 people; men, women and children, africans will die from this preventable, treatable disease and they don’t have to. For 30 pence a day, they can stay alive with these two little pills. Two little pills that you and I can get at a local chemist. This is mad! You are not mad to think we can do something about this. Join (RED) for World AIDS Day. Go to Thanks.”

Be sure to watch the video about (RED)’s documentary “The Lazarus Effect”here, which shows how someone with AIDS can be brought back to life with the proper treatments.

The 2 videos for the call of WorldVisionUSA for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV are here and here. With proper treatments, the risk of transmission of HIV, from a pregnant mother to her child can be reduced to almost nothing.

Visit the website of UNAIDS here for packs of information about HIV/AIDS (treatments, numbers, prevention methods etc.).

Also check out World AIDS Day website here for memories and stories of AIDS patients and HIV+ individuals, as well as news, interviews and such…

And.. To finish the post.. Today, I have watched the movie “Rent” of the Broadway musical with the same name, who tells the story of a number of HIV+ New Yorkers in 1989. With my friend, we only remembered later that, today is the World AIDS Day. So much for the coincidence! Anyway for those who have not yet seen it, try to find a copy and see this wonderful movie, as soon as possible.