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An open letter to the professors: Can you see our faces behind the laptops? by bayripley
04/05/2010, 23:50
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Dear Professors,

Unlike many of you, we love technology. There are many reasons for that, but our letter is on the issue of laptops at class. Technology has finally enabled us to build our own castle against you. We are now hiding behind our laptops, pretending to take notes but the reality is bitter. Here’s a list that we do behind the screens:

Surfing: We have become the first-class surfers of all times and we love practicing it during your lectures. The social networks are already a phenomenon, emails keep us reachable all the time, but we do more than that. When we are not twitting across the classroom to a classmate, we plan the next event to attend, write our blogs, buy plane tickets to escape the city, check the latest update of news sites, and even log on TV series sites to watch a couple of episodes with subtitles. We are aware of the danger, though: A shocking comment or a hilarious video may ruin our expressionless poker face and interrupt our serious silence but we are working on these skills, too.

Gaming: These laptops are more talented than you think. They have those games with simple and universal rules. They are easy to play and easier to hide. While you are talking about that boring French politicians, (yes, I am still at the same boring lecture of the guest speaker) we are breaking new records on Spider Solitaire.

Papers: You give us all these assignments and expect us to meet the deadline? Guys, we do not have the adequate time to do so between all these parties and concerts and club activities and dating and gym. We die if we miss one. And to meet the deadline and get a good grade, proofreading is a must! Thus, we do that during this boring French foreign policy lecture! Otherwise, we all turn into those geeks who spend their Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at home studying and Sunday morning with the group project meeting. So, please stay cool when you see some unintentional remarks on French Foreign policy in my African economy paper!

This disclosure is not for you to ban our significant others, the laptops. This is for you to reform yourselves, enhance your lecturing skills, and improve your allure. So, stay by the board, do not walk towards the back of the classroom and please make it more interesting.

If you do, we promise, we will defer our surfing to another time.